Salesforce Solutions Explained

Salesforce Order Management

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, so you know they have robust solutions to help you with order management. If you already use Salesforce for sales, marketing, and customer service tasks you might want to read our article to find out how to use this CRM’s apps to streamline managing orders. Order Management…

Salesforce Features Explained

Merge Accounts in Salesforce

A common reason for wanting to merge accounts in Salesforce is when you have duplicated data in your customer relationship management platform. This can become problematic, but there are ways to clean up your platform so that you can enhance the performance of Salesforce. We are also sure that you want to keep you data accurate, consistent,…

Salesforce Automation Solutions

Salesforce API Documentation

Whether you are a developer, Salesforce administrator, or a business owner, having access to Salesforce API documentation lets you confidently connect your customer relationship management (CRM) platform to other software systems, automation tools, or apps in your organization. Join us in our article below as we cover Salesforce documentation and a few APIs they provide to unleash…

Advice on Salesforce Solutions

CRM Analytics from Salesforce

CRM Analytics is a product from Salesforce designed to help teams who work with customers regularly. With CRM Analytics, your teams can work with smart software for analytics and forecasts in Salesforce workflows. Join us in our article below to find out how to work better with your Salesforce data and scale your operations fast. We are…

Salesforce Topics from Titan

Validation Rules in Salesforce

With Validation Rules from Salesforce, you can control and maintain the quality of your data. All you need to do is determine the criteria you want before a Salesforce user saves a record. Join us in the article below as we look at two Salesforce Validation Rule examples. Define Validity Before we start on some examples, we…

Understanding Salesforce with Titan

Master-Detail Relationship in Salesforce

On a detailed level, Salesforce works with objects and fields. If we dive deeper, we learn that the Salesforce data model also works with different types of relationships. Object relationships are needed when you want to connect two objects in relation to each other. So where does master-detail fit? Well, it’s a one-to-many relationship used to link…

Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

Net Zero Cloud is Salesforce’s product offering to help your business with carbon neutrality solutions using the Customer 360 platform. Keep reading our article for information on Salesforce Net Zero Cloud and how it provides you with analytics to show that your business is conducting environmentally sustainable operations. Net Zero Cloud from Salesforce Salesforce is the world’s…

Automation Solutions

Salesforce Joined Reports

Do you need to create joined reports in Salesforce to consolidate different information? Keep reading. Today, we are going to quickly explore this topic. A Joined Report in Salesforce Salesforce lets you gather and present different types of information with automation into one report. You can collect up to 5 blocks with a Salesforce joined report where…

Help with Salesforce Information

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certification Courses

Are you interested in collecting Salesforce certifications for your marketing career? Adding Salesforce credentials to your CV is a great way to show recruiters you know your way around the platform. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certifications If you want to improve your skills and add achievements to your resume, you can look at Trailhead on Salesforce. It offers…

Titan's Advice on Salesforce Features

Salesforce Backup and Restore on Einstein 1 Platform

As reliable as Salesforce is, it’s always important to have Salesforce backup solutions for your business data. When you have a solid plan that backs up your data, you can avoid problems that arise from accidentally deleted data or even unknown data corruption. To see how to keep your data safe, join us in the article below….